Things to remember when planning a kids party

We all have fond memories no doubt of when we were young and that most exciting of days (aside from Christmas of course) would come along and that was your birthday. And what made it even more special and memorable well into adulthood is how everybody made the day feel like it was your special day all to yourself, by buying you presents and holding a fun and exciting party for you and your friends. So now that you are an adult and it’s a child in your family’s birthday, in a way the burden of responsibility has shifted, in a cruel twist of fate, into your hands as you’re an adult now!

However, while planning a kid’s party is in no way particularly difficult as such, there are certain things you need to remember and keep in mind when making actual choices for the day. And failure to spot something fairly important early on could mean ales special experience for the child whose party it is. So in this article hopefully we can run you through a few pointers as to how you can avoid slipping up and hold a great party whether it’s for your children or other children in your family.



As a kid, when you went along to one of your friend’s birthday parties you would have expected a couple of things. This can vary from country to country and from culture to culture but one thing that definitely remains true throughout all of these individual factors is of course the fact that you would have expected to have had fun, play games and just generally partake in a number of different activities which would be arranged by the person who was hosting the party for them. Well now that’s you so you should really get your clown shoes on shouldn’t you?

Not really, clowns are creepy, and you really don’t need to go to a lot of effort to find some enjoyable activities that think a little bit outside the box. Obviously there are the traditional parties games with prizes route that you could take which is always a crowd pleaser, who doesn’t like pass the parcel? Or if you know that the kids would react well to it, there are even professional reptile enthusiasts that will come out to your home or wherever you are holding their party and bring with them various exotic animals and insects like snakes, tortoises and even tarantulas, which they will not only display but also give an interesting and easy to understand lecture about. Great for all the budding Steve Irwin’s and Jane Goodall’s out there!


No party anywhere in the world would be complete without the sweetness of a slice of cake to truly round off an exciting day of activities, friends and fun for everybody. Indeed sometimes all that you can remember from some of the earlier parties in your memory would be of eating a giant slice of cake (or giant compared to how small you were) in either case it will be both expected and wanted, and be sure that there will be hell to pay if it isn’t cake! However when you are dealing with kids they are often fussy to try new things and the best way to get them to step out of their comfort zone cake wise would be to order a custom made novelty cake in the shape of their favorite superhero,  cartoon character, or other thing that they enjoy.

You must also remember that you must be wary of common food allergies and hopefully most parents will let you know if their child is allergic to anything, but for the sale of convenience we would always recommend avoiding nuts, artificial e-colours and other extremely common allergies. If push comes to shove you can always serve two cakes for those that don’t like or can’t eat the first option or offer a bigger variety of baked goods in a better variety of flavors as to avoid what they don’t like or can’t eat. This is also true for those with dietary restrictions due to their religious or parental beliefs whether they are a Jewish family that can’t eat pork or a vegetarian family that doesn’t eat most animal products. Thanks for taking the time to read the article, hopefully it has given you some insight into how best to tackle a kid’s party.